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       The Power of the Human Connection

      4/28/2020 12:00 AM

      ?Like all of us, unpacking and constructing our new normal has been a challenging process over the past month. During this time, I have felt the gamut of emotions and experienced the cycle of grief in the loss of opportunity for our students. Each day has brought moments of levity and laughter, and moments of reflection and tears.

      Earlier this month, I had a moment of peace. I placed a call to the RPS 205 Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS)  team to work through a master scheduling issue. I was directed to a member of the IS team, Ms. Mary Scott. In what should have been a quick one-to-two minute call, we both diverged into a deeper connection than usually associated with during a work call. It was a human connection. In that short amount of time, she inspired me with her insight and mindset on how our students and their families will find a way to make it work. She reminded me that a "growth mindset" should not be a term or idea limited to academia, but should be the lens by which we view every opportunity for what each moment can be.

      Even as we are physically farther apart, now is a time for all of us to build those deeper connections with one another. To slow down, and not allow the busy-ness of life be the business of life.

      As we parse and wade through our new deliverables and expectations, I would argue now is the time to build connections with students, families and co-workers that we rarely had time for in our daily work schedules. When was the last time we sat down, sipped our coffee, and laughed and cried with a parent as we compared notes over a student's wackiness in class, or how they have so much potential when they apply themselves? When we call IT, do we stop and ask how his or her day is before venting about how our computer just blew up? A digital connection with someone is still just that: an opportunity for connection. There is power and strength in opening ourselves up to the potential for deeper human connections. Oh, and coffee. There must always be coffee.

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